Local File System - Contents: Edit contained objects.


This view displays the contained objects and allows you to add, delete and change them.

Each contained object is displayed on a line and is identified by an icon, an id and a title in parenthesis. Additionally, the size (if applicable) and the date during which the object was last modified are displayed. You can manage an object by clicking on its identifying link.


You can sort contained objects by type, name (id), size, or modification date. To do so, click on the appropriate column heading. Clicking a second time on any column heading will reverse the sort on that field.


Selects the object in order to perform operations on it. The operations you can perform are rename, cut, copy, delete, and export. Some operations may not be visible if they are not allowed.
Changes the ids of the selected objects.
Cuts selected objects and place them into the clipboard. This is similar to cut in most file managers. Cut objects can be pasted in a new location. When cut objects are pasted into another location the old objects are deleted.
Copies selected objects and place them in the clipboard. This is similar to copy in most file managers. Copied objects can be pasted in a new location.
Allows you to paste objects from the clipboard into this object. Note: This option will only appear if objects have previously been copied or cut.
Deletes the selected objects. Deleted objects are not placed in the clipboard.
Imports or exports a Zope object.
Available Objects
Selects a type of object to add.
Adds an object specified in Available Objects.
Select All (Deselect All)
Toggles between selecting and deselecting each item currently displayed in the contents view. Note: This control will only appear if your browser is javascript-enabled.