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sequence: Sequence sorting module

This module provides a sort function for use with DTML, Page Templates, and Python-based Scripts.

sort(seq, sort):

Sort the sequence seq of objects by the optional sort schema sort. sort is a sequence of tuples (key, func, direction) that describe the sort order.

Attribute of the object to be sorted.
Defines the compare function (optional). Allowed values:
Standard Python comparison function
Case-insensitive comparison
"strcoll" or "locale"
Locale-aware string comparison
"strcoll_nocase" or "locale_nocase"
Locale-aware case-insensitive string comparison
A specified, user-defined comparison function, should return 1, 0, -1.
defines the sort direction for the key (optional). (allowed values: "asc", "desc")

DTML Examples

Sort child object (using the objectValues method) by id (using the getId method), ignoring case:

    <dtml-in expr="_.sequence.sort(objectValues(),
                                   (('getId', 'nocase'),))">
      <dtml-var getId> <br>

Sort child objects by title (ignoring case) and date (from newest to oldest):

    <dtml-in expr="_.sequence.sort(objectValues(),
                                   (('title', 'nocase'),
                                    'cmp', 'desc')
      <dtml-var title> <dtml-var bobobase_modification_time> <br>

Page Template Examples

You can use the sequence.sort function in Python expressions to sort objects. Here's an example that mirrors the DTML example above:

    <table tal:define="objects here/objectValues;
                       sort_on python:(('title', 'nocase', 'asc'),
                                       ('bobobase_modification_time', 'cmp', 'desc'));
                       sorted_objects python:sequence.sort(objects, sort_on)">
      <tr tal:repeat="item sorted_objects">
        <td tal:content="item/title">title</td>
        <td tal:content="item/bobobase_modification_time">
          modification date</td>

This example iterates over a sorted list of object, drawing a table row for each object. The objects are sorted by title and modification time.

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