use-macro: Use a macro


metal:use-macro syntax:

      argument ::= expression


The metal:use-macro statement replaces the statement element with a macro. The statement expression describes a macro definition.

In Zope the expression will generally be a path expression referring to a macro defined in another template. See "metal:define-macro" for more information.

The effect of expanding a macro is to graft a subtree from another document (or from elsewhere in the current document) in place of the statement element, replacing the existing sub-tree. Parts of the original subtree may remain, grafted onto the new subtree, if the macro has slots. See metal:define-slot for more information. If the macro body uses any macros, they are expanded first.

When a macro is expanded, its metal:define-macro attribute is replaced with the metal:use-macro attribute from the statement element. This makes the root of the expanded macro a valid use-macro statement element.


Basic macro usage:

      <p metal:use-macro="container/other.html/macros/header">
        header macro from defined in other.html template

This example refers to the header macro defined in the other.html template which is in the same folder as the current template. When the macro is expanded, the p element and its contents will be replaced by the macro. Note: there will still be a metal:use-macro attribute on the replacement element.

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