TALES String expressions


String expression syntax:

      string_expression ::= ( plain_string | [ varsub ] )*
      varsub            ::= ( '$' Path ) | ( '${' Path '}' )
      plain_string      ::= ( '$$' | non_dollar )*
      non_dollar        ::= any character except '$'


String expressions interpret the expression string as text. If no expression string is supplied the resulting string is empty. The string can contain variable substitutions of the form $name or ${path}, where name is a variable name, and path is a path expression. The escaped string value of the path expression is inserted into the string. To prevent a $ from being interpreted this way, it must be escaped as $$.


Basic string formatting:

      <span tal:replace="string:$this and $that">
        Spam and Eggs

Using paths:

      <p tal:content="total: ${request/form/total}">
        total: 12

Including a dollar sign:

      <p tal:content="cost: $$$cost">
        cost: $42.00