Lesson 1. "Elvis Lives" Home Page

Zope cannot find the tutorial examples. You should install the tutorial examples before continuing. Choose "Zope Tutorial" from the product add list in the Zope management screen to install the examples.

If you have already installed the tutorial, you can either follow along manually, or reinstall the tutorial examples. Note: make sure that you have cookies turned on in your browser.

Let's create a home page for "Elvis Lives", an organization that tracks Elvis sightings.

First you need to create a Page Template for the home page. Zope uses Page Templates for web pages.

  1. Select Page Template from the "Select type to add..." list.
  2. Type home.html for the template id.
  3. Click the Add and Edit button.

You should now see a screen where you can edit your web page.

  1. Change the title of the template to Elvis Lives.
  2. Change the contents of the template to:
    <img tal:replace="structure container/header.gif">
    Welcome to <i tal:content="template/title">title</i>,
    your source for information about Elvis and
    Elvis sightings.
  3. Click the Save Changes button.

The contents of the template is HTML along with special attributes called Page Template Statements.

The tal:content and tal:replace statements inserts things into tags. In this page we use these statement to insert an image and a title.

Now let's see what our page looks like.

  1. Click the Test tab at the top of the screen.

Congratulations you've created a web page with Zope.


Zope allows you to create and manage objects through the web.

In the next lesson you'll expand your web site.